Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Suffers

Just another day. Coffee and a croissant. The phone rings, emails flash into my in-box. Buzz of the office begins, queries flood in. And then my mother, on the phone, 'you've heard...about London?'

Lights flashing, hundreds of lives change direction in seconds. Thousands - families, friends, sworn enemies, innocent bystanders, aquaintances - all affected by the work of some small sum of people.

Hatred. How can you justify hatred if you've never even met?

My friend's father, 'she just wanted you to know she's ok'. My friend, 'you're visiting there next week, aren't you?' Words, weariness, confusion, sadness.

Photographs on websites. News isn't coming in fast enough. People's accounts of where they were, endlessly spill over the radio waves. How many dead? How many injured. Comparisons with New York and Madrid. Analysis - G8, Olympics - the UK was on the up, they were the media darlings.

Why won't it just end, can't we just put it aside and stand alongside one another. I don't want this to be the story of my generation, some squalid bombing that broke a mother's heart, that made a child fatherless, that broke some precious innocence.

Can't we decide that this is the time to create a new world view, where we stand alongside one another? Finally, after all this blood has been shed, needlessly, can't we just stand together and say 'I want to be here to see my children grow old, to complain that the music isn't as funky, the dancing isn't as frenzied, the young folks aren't as sexy as in my day?'

That's my vision. This needless violence, that leaves a bad taste in the world's mouth is someone elses vision. Stop standing in my viewfinder. Let me stand tall and hold my beliefs. London is suffering tonight. Needlessly.

My heart is with you. I hold out the hope that this will end soon.

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