Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Few days in London Town

Tomorrow am, I'm heading off for a few days to meet up with friends in London. Was looking forward to it, still am I guess, but think its a pity I'm going now. Although, talking to my mate, she says its business as usual, that she was touring around on a bus with other visitors last weekend.

They seem to be making real headway with the investigation - some people from around Leeds direction apparently. Makes little or no sense to me. Not that suicide bombing ever does, but your own fellow country-menwomenchildrengranniesuncles?

Hopefully there will be lots of chats, coffees, laughs, beers, lying around in parks, soulful late night conversations. Good food, nice wine, some markets, maybe a gallery or museum. The usual few days in London, enjoying what it is best for. Sometimes wondering why when I'm in London the hectic pace of life in Dublin seems so slow. Maybe again I'll be struck by how spread out the city is, with all those little boroughs, like villages clustering upon one and other. I'll deffo miss faradaytheblob though! But its only a few days...(big xx to f.t.b - apols, but I'm a soppy git, I know)

Keep you posted - who knows, I might even blog from there (although, I'll have to have a nefarious reason to get away from the mates for a few mo's!)

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