Wednesday, July 06, 2005

Cheap Sushi

What's with the cheap sushi in AYA after 10pm? I like AYA, and I partake of sushi (normally that '55' deal - where you get as much sushi as you want for 55 mins plus a beverage plus a miso soup if you're into it - typically this involves me and three of my lovely thin girlfriends, who all tell sad, tragic, and occasionally crackingly hilarious tales of love, whilst occasionally sipping on the miso, whilst I end up piling plates around me like some kind of manic kids delph factory and gulping down the white wine).

I had heard of this deal, and I guess I kind of nodded along, and meant to take part at some point in this 'bargain' eating, but never was bothered until yesterday when my mate and I found ourselves tottering around after five Coronas too many. Stumbling our way from Maguires on Baggot Street, we eventually mastered the automatic door at AYA, only to be told to go away and come back in ten minutes. Not quite sure why, we made our way in the general direction of nowhere, conversation depleted due to aforementioned walk, we busily caught up on our text messages, and then after five minutes turned around and went back.

'What do we do?' we asked. 'All plates €1.25, doesn't matter what colour'. Grand say we and begin the glutton fest. Which was great. Until we began to think - why is all this Sushi left over? There was oceans (pardon the pun) flooding out - sushi stacked like a card house. Where was it coming from? How long had it been there? Why was food going cheap in An Lár (Dublin City Centre)? What was our problem? Suspicions grew.

But the bill was nice and low, so I guess it's not such a bad idea. Although, I did feel a bit queasy at 3.30am... but that was probably just the wine, beer, smokes and exhausting night of excellent chats.

In other news - I'm going to London next week for a few days. Yippee!

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