Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Things that give me joy

The reasons I am feeling joyful today:

1. I'm going to Donegal for the weekend, and if the sun shines, I might even get to swim. The beach at Rossnowlagh is ideal for surfing, but for an eejit like me, who likes to paddle on a body-board, it is equally bliss.

2. On my weekend away I have booked the four of us a table in Smugglers' Creek, which is (in my humble experience) one of the nicest, cosiest place to tuck into a pint of beer and a plate of seafood whilst viewing the coast from a height. Fingers crossed the duo who haven't been enjoy it as much as I do!

3. My boss gave me a sneaky half day yesterday, just coz. Went swimming and felt great because it was like dossing off school, but without the fear of getting caught.

4. My friend called over last night and we pigged out on crisps and chocolate whilst gossiping and giggling, which was nice, as lately everyone has been a bit worried, and I hadn't seen her smile for awhile.

5. Just ate a plate of pesto and pasta, prepared for me by himself, which made me feel I was being spoilt.

6. We may even get to go and see the murals in Derry from the castle, which is another of my fav things to do. And I'm hoping that this would be a very interesting thing for one of the guests who is from Transylvania to see. And we might drive up Fanad head, which is so scary but amazing.

Aw. Life is good sometimes!

Hey babe - life is indeed good sometimes. It's a matter of scale and perspective. Roll on Smuggler's and a hearty pint of guinness in the company of good friends and the setting sun!

Postscript: If life was a guitar solo it would be good all of the time!

This is a widely believed fact!
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