Saturday, June 11, 2005


It wasn't meant to be a late night, but we were making our way into Eddie Rocket's in Phibsboro at 3 am. The reunion had dwindled from four of us to three. Glamourous ladies in spangly tops and high heels, all artfully dressed up for this night of memories.

We went to school together and I hadn't seen her since the day after her baby was born, nearly seven years ago. The funny thing is that we share a birthday, so I remember her every year. I'm really good friends with the girl who went home early, and I've met up with the other one from time to time at parties and that type of thing.

The night was ace. We spent at least half the time talking about the here and now and the other half laughing about the past. I remembered things and people I had forgotten. And wow - the photos - of us in McDonalds aged 12, hilarious. We vowed there would be more reunions, more nights of giggles, memories and good banter.

Now with a happy memory and a sore head, I'm trying to convince myself that I'll be able for tonight, another night out with a group of work friends. My liver is about to pack it in - reckon I'll have to make some chicken noodle soup tomorrow for its restorative properties! The sun is streaming down on Dublin, and I've spent the last hour lying on the grass Guardian magazine to the left, cup of coffee to the right. Aw, this is the life!

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