Tuesday, May 03, 2005

yesterday, as i drove home from lucan, where i had spent the afternoon hanging out with two mates, cake, lord of the rings on ps2, and their young boy-sons, i wondered if i was still drunk from sunday.

around the strawberry beds i kept doing daft things - taking turns too wide etc.,. i ended up driving around some part of clonsilla (i'm still unsure where). sunday was fun - went to keoghs and ron blacks. which was surprisingly good (ron bs, obviously keoghs was good). met up with a mate and her friend, who i didn't know.

there's this conflict though at the moment, between two types of friends i seem to have. there are the settler friends and the what are you talking about we're still young friends. and sadly i seem to sit uncomfortably, a cheek so to speak on each stool.

the settlers think i'm a we're still young, which is probably why i think i turned up like some deranged Patsy from AbFab to this cake n' kids soirée in the 'burbs (i doubt i did in hindsight), and why i think i appear like a chartered accountant in other company. In fact, i obviously walk around navel gazing about what way people perceive me, when everyone is just - oh look, there's bad hairdo again.

Bettings noone actually has noticed this two stool phenomena yet (the sunday night crowd plan to have lots of babies, some time, vaguely in the next decade possibly - the settlers have been known to display ferocious drinking talent (albeit with prerequisite of being tucked up in bed by midnight). Sometimes i curse the twelve weeks of qualitative research methods i studied years ago - I'm all the time trying to spot sub-cultures and phenomena in my ever dwindling group of mates.

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