Monday, May 23, 2005

Thank murgitroid for w/ends. Fridays off, swimming alone in a pool, no need to rush. Understanding why Anakin became who he was at the end, and feeling sorry for him. And really digging Ben, when I rush home to watch IV again.

Sitting at the bar in the Stag's Head surrounded by drinkers and even a baby in a sling. Eating in Cornucopia, drinking organic wine and enjoying it. Doing the radio show on Sat, and having a passable interview. Reading while my hair is being coiffed by one of the nicest hairdressers I've met.

Having a laugh with the old pair, wonders will never cease, before returning to watch Andy Garcia passing judgement on the TV screen, glass of wine to hand. Sleeping in late and going for a drive. Swimming again enjoyable, despite the hoards of crowds.

A man sitting on my leg in the sauna, but I'm still chilled out enough to let it go. Cooking spag bol, drinking a pinotage while the rain splishes down outside.

Aw, the simple joy of weekends, only five day more until the next.

You know - when you put it like that, it doesn't seem like such a bad life after all!

Unless you're Darth Vader of course, poor sod.
Funny. In an idle moment Tuddy Muldoon of "Car 54 Where Are You?" flashed thru my brain with his exclamation "Heavens to Murgitroid!" When I google'd it; up came your blog. Funnier, it never occurred to me that murgitroid would be Irish. I wonder what it means?
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