Monday, May 23, 2005

Slí Eile

Slí Eile. Another way.

Vincent Browne was down in Cork tonight, talking to residents and managers of a new project for people who have suffered mental illness, have served their time in mental institutions and are now looking for some hope - a home, to live as members of the community, and gradually I suppose, at best, grasp some semblance of real life.

Brave people, who were fighting the black dog, who want to experience the small and humble reality that so many of us take for granted, dignity.

Residents, misinformed, miscommunicated with are unhappy and are picketing it daily. From the reports, it sounds like mass intimidation is abounding on this estate in Charleville.

So how would you feel if someone with a mental illness moved next door? Scared? Nervous? Apprehensive?

But they probably are living next door, or possibly in your own home, or possibly it is you, or me.

Who knows when any of us could suffer from mental illness? It could just happen, that one day the world doesn't make sense anymore. Or perhaps an unfortunate incident might befell us or our loved ones, that causes the axis to shift on what we perceive as normality.

Compassion, sharing, hope. Especially on a night, when the sun shone a glorious red, and many many families grieved or began to consider the pain of losing their loved ones and friends as a result of the horrific accident in Meath late this afternoon.

Smile a little more. Trust in the kindness of others. Share your thoughts and feelings. Try not to let fear take hold over your better judgement. Life will never hold coherent meaning, you can't control the world let alone your neighbours. There is another way.

Codladh sámh, beir bua Muintir Slí Eile - dóchas agus grá duibh, táim ag súil go tíocfaidh trócaire do d'chomharsan. xx

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