Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Julian was a painter, his mother had loved the famous five. His father said, 'don't get angry son, have a laugh instead'. He said, 'life can be a bastard, so why not eat a jaffa cake?' then he died when he was fourty seven.
Twelve days before Julian's seventh birthday, and Julian had been very sad, but his mum made sure they blew out candles, even if they cried.
His dad wrote him a letter, said 'Julian I wish I'd got to be here, to wish you happy birthday, but that's the way life goes, so make sure and enjoy what you've got of it - I don't care what you do, but make sure and follow your dreams, because I'm always happy when I'm asleep, and happiness can be fleeting'.
So when Julian met CaitrĂ­ona, whose father liked Irish names, he said, 'let's make it simple - I like you and like being around you, lets enjoy what we have'.
She had her doubts, but he meant it, and they enjoyed each others company with the rest of the time they had.

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