Monday, May 16, 2005

Hill 16 La La La!

Yes we did it, finally, trounced someone. Ok so it was a lousy match. And fair enough, Longford bless their socks aren't up to much, but we won! So it merited a celebration or three.

In Cusacks of the North Strand, we sat amid the anchors, ropes, compasses and miniature ships, listening to a merry sing song and talking about the 100 best war films which was on Channel 4 apparently.

I can't stand war films since the invasion of Iraq. We bought Apocolypse Now and I had to be restrained from flinging a cushion at the TV, even though to be honest, it doesn't in the least glorify war.

Accuse me of being a daisy-chain hippy, but really, is it necessary to blow the crap out of innocent people?

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