Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Come good rain

Rain gushed and clattered on the roof of the Samuel Beckett Theatre in TCD last night as we watched the soliliquay 'Come Good Rain' echoing the musical cadences of fake rain in George Serembas' tale of growing up, loving and leaving his homeland of Uganda in exile. If you get a chance, I would recommend a visit.

Later, my friend and I, who has been in Uganda, had a great chat about Africa while walking through empty Dublin streets in the streaming rain on our way to The Thing Moate. Oh, apologies, O'Donoghues (what an ageing crumudgeon I've become, to refer begrudgingly to the new title of a pub), being ever so posh and grown up, drinking Sauvignon Blanc by the 1/4 bottle and lowering the tone by stuffing our faces with cheese and onion crisps.

Yapping and considering, about life - the now, the past and avoiding talk of the future, until finally we both agreed that now is what we always looked forward to, but beyond now, into the abyss of being nearly thirty and so on, was not on the cards.

And then we forgot the maudling, and stood outside in the rain, discussing the state of the world, where we want to travel to, the people we want to become, the craic we've had and will do, taking the mick out of a drunk man, telling him we work in the bank.

We walked out of our way, twice, because we didn't want to go home, until eventually she needed to pee, so I caught a taxi, with a driver who was an avid reader, and I said I didn't really enjoy DPC Pierre's book Vernon God Little, but I'd recommend Philip Roth's 'The Human Stain', and he said he'd look out for it.

Then I turned the key in my door, and sat in the kitchen, having a smoke and reading a little of Nick Hornby's latest, which I'm finding very funny, despite the bad reviews, before going to sleep.

Hi Efa, thanks for dropping by.

Really the Flooz is exiled to Blanchardstown? Why? Can you fill me in pleez.

Thanks for the link to Overheard in Dublin, I really enjoy that. Dad was a Dub.

Will be back

Aine Livia
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