Wednesday, April 06, 2005

wednesday's web musings

Now is the first time today that I've calmed down and realised it is Wednesday, and that it is April. Tragedy being that it is almost the beginning of Thursday, which bodes ill for my musings over Wednesday.

None the less, I should spend a while thinking about today and how it flew - work was a mad confetti of press queries, excitment, sitting around and waiting to be able to release something.

Didn't get lunch, spent five minutes in a bookshop and the rest working or couching (this afternoon). Not that the bookshop wasn't exciting - bought himself 'Of Mice and Men' and myself 'East of Eden'. Nostalgia? The pre-teens (or as evil marketers refer to them as 'tweenies' - ew, how disgusting) were spent reading Steinbeck and I felt like (a) sharing the joy and (b) refreshing my memory so I knew what I was raving about.

Which reminds me - never rave about a book if you can't remember it. I spent two years ranting about Camus' Outsider (how predictable - age 16, Cure-head, yawn...) which was just dandy until himself picked it up and it became obvious that I have the memory capacity of a geriatric goldfish - tragic.

No danger of that this time, no siree. The only fears are that (1) Steinbeck will let me down and spoil those lovely memories of enraptured reading or (2) I'll realise I can't remember an iota of the story or (3) the experience will be disconcerting, kindof like a vague sense of déja vu...

But hopefully not. I'm crossing my toes that that evil manipulative young woman I remember from East of Eden still exists, and that this time I'll read it on a whole new deeper level. I hope I don't get toe cramp!

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