Thursday, April 21, 2005

My Granny used to say horrible things. She told me about a little baby she had had that was dead and that it had been in a shoe box in the scary toilet in her bungalow before they got rid of it.

I didn't like that toilet because it was black, it was cold and the flush was pulled by a chain. No other toilets I knew were black or had a chain, they were all white and had a lever you would press down.

I didn't like toilets much, it occurred to me that I could fall down the toilet. It also occurred to me that something could be hiding in the pipe and it could come out and somehow the flush would go at the same time and I would be sucked down into the toilet with that horrible noise. I hated the noise of the flush. It was nice enough when the seat was down because then it just sounded like water, but when the seat was up it was such a loud sucking, gushing sound that I was scared.

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