Monday, January 17, 2005

Predictably Peopled

Nip and Tuck won a Golden Globe for best TV drama. I pause and wonder why I was watching in the first place. Head shakes, unintended sigh escapes, blow of the nose, I stand up and turn off the TV. Had only switched it on for a few seconds.

Big mistake. Should have stayed watching the Spaced DVD, avoided unnecessary pain and anguish, avoided the real world in other words.

At dinner they were talking about Desperate Housewifes and I wanted to leave.

The TV pages in the Observer magazine had a sarky piece about how irritating and smug non-TV watchers are. I disagree.

I seem to disagree more and more and inevitably become outwardly more irritating and smug.

A load of bollocks. Just wish the days would start to lengthen again, in a few weeks it will be okay, I can sit outside in the bleak March sun reading a book. Meanwhile there's the gym or tv or both.

Efa's back!

I missed that piece in the Observer - i'll have to suss it out when i get home! As an aside - i find a little too many of their columnists disagreeable these days... it is a confused publication, i think. Or maybe it's just that the honeymoon's over.

I don't watch very much TV (as opposed to DVDs) these days - but i usually don't notice until i'm in conversation with friends/colleagues... whereupon my newfound ignorance of the medium is thrown into stark relief and i'm usually startled into saying something along the lines of 'wow - i don't really watch Telly these days!' It's not intended as arrogant or smug, but i suspect that's how it sounds... people who secretly wish they had more in their lives than telly. I'm looking at you, Observer. /smugness
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