Sunday, December 05, 2004

weak end

Friday and Saturday spent like a vegetable, of the couch variety. Burdock's Fish n' Chips on Friday - fresh cod and delicious vinegary golden chips, thick as your finger. Had to retire to bed, dragging my stomach behind me. Lovely sleep, although dreams of vertigo on Table Mountain in the south of France (even in sleep I'm geographically dyslexic) meant I awoke in a pool of sweat, although maybe it was grease from my tea, the jury is out.

Saturday was spent with an Isabel Allende novel picked up the night before in an 'Enable Ireland' charity shop in Phibsborough - 'Daughter of Fortune'. When I bought it, we had a chat about how good it was to buy second hand books - a form of recycling, exposure to writers you're not willing to pay full whack for/don't know, money to charity. He says the writer loses out which is a fair point (but I'm still going to keep buying them).

Digressions aside, it was very enjoyable. Reminescent of Steinbeck's East of Eden, it looks at life in the Wild West before it was tamed and pays particular attention to a sad and difficult story with the main focus on a woman. Made me want to root out Steinbeck, only to discover to my annoyance I've left them all in my parent's house. As my brother claimed my room years ago, I reckon I'll have to buy them all again.

In Café Metro again today for a large cappuchino - delish. Sat outside in the half light having a smoke and a chat about our upcoming trip to Capetown. Avoided temptation of the chocolate mousse cake (white, milk and plain chocolate in layers, with fresh cream and raspberry coulis, torture on a plate) as the Brother is home from Germany, and a big dinner was planned over at home. Lasagne, my father's signature dish, fantastic. Himself (who informed me it is rude to refer to anyone in their first name/nickname on a blog, lets call him Faraday) had made his banoffi - the recipe was half-inched from a website a few years ago, but I'll try and find it here (wowzers it's still there, years later) - divine. Merry evening had by me, lots of wine (because I wasn't driving), sigh, bliss...


I wish i was eating greasy chips right now... or banoffi for that matter. Eating chips with banoffi, and playing Half Life 2. *Sigh*

Must also read some Steinbeck someday...
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