Monday, December 13, 2004

Penquin Classics

Today was good and bad. Work is in a case of meltdown, and I'm serious this time, unions and everything involved - it's crazy coconut.

Had to go back to base where everyone is in a state of crisis. Has been eight months since I worked there and noone knows how long we'll be back for. Mixed bag of reactions.

On the plus, I discovered Penquin are doing this series of books based on seminal thoughts and they are cheap, beautiful and pocked sized. Recommend them to anyone who like I was a pensive teenager/student with pretentious notions of greatness.

Even for an old cynical twenty-something, they're simply lovely. Bought two - Nietsche (because I never have and should have) and Freud (read a little and talked a lot about it - should really learn what I'm mouthing about).

The Nietsche one has an elegant cover, very art nouveau (she said, hoping her terminology is write - gotcha there didn't I!).

Back to my old commute - an hour and a bit each way in Betsy (the trusty 1997 Ford Fiesta with a tempermental driver door lock).

Met a friend for chats and coffee and ribena, just home. Great to have a talk all over the shop - lots of venting, laughing, angering, smiling, sympathising and not a little chocolate.

All this uncertainty and strangeness in work makes me think. No answers yet, but lots of suggestions. Roam from leaving desk jockey job to become chef through to getting high powered PR job... Confusion reigns supreme.

Not sure where the future lies, glad I'm no longer an angst-ridden youth though - the emotion would have me spiralling. Now at the mature cheese stage of twenty-seven, I half admit that I half enjoy the drama and unanswered questions about the future.

Who knows? Maybe the little penquin classics will have an answer - I know they won't, but they will while away the hours, and maybe the old unconscious will make a decision for me, I sure know the ego struggles with staying awake.

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