Saturday, December 11, 2004


Perhaps I'm just a sucker for the 'future = catastrophe in the form of evil machines' theory, but I-ROBOT was very entertaining.

Maybe my expectations were lowered due to the post-Christmas party hangover and the bloated post-chinese tummy. My co-armchair critic certainly didn't enjoy it to the same extent. And I did have a feeling that if any of my brain cells had been functioning the plot would have seemed a little thin and that 'Sonny' may have been irritatingly obvious as opposed to the complex web of humanity I saw tonight.
Or was it the fact that work turned a number of nasty loops on me over the past days, culminating in the current mire of uncertainty and chaos, that makes this nihilistic negative view of the future so plausible?

Normally I don't really enjoy this, to use the posh word, 'genre' so fulfilling. Even recently I openly scoffed and spluttered at 'The Day After Tomorrow' which left me bored (apart from the scenes involving the ship frozen in a New York street). And, heinous of all crimes, the soundtrack to 'Blade Runner' makes me fall asleep (literally, not metaphorically - perhaps it was played to me in the womb or something, who knows).

But all I can do is recommend 'I ROBOT', even if I think I should know better. Preferably have a hangover, and I think you'll feel the same - I mean, of course the future will be populated with robots, and naturally at some point they will 'go bad', so begin planning your fall-out shelter, as I can't confirm that Will Smith could save us, when the job calls for 'John McClane' who will probably be an old man or dead in the mid 2000s.

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