Saturday, December 11, 2004

Arthur's Competition

'Perfection with batteries', I thought whilst buying a present in our local toyshop for a young friend. His name is KiKo, and he lives in a glass dome. I bought his co-shelf sharer Tu for the young friend and KiKo is now living atop our Beko fridge, singing little tunes and making munching noises when fed.

So he isn't quite as amazing as Sonny from last night's viewing of I Robot, but we're still in 2004 and my budget is quite limited. Arthur, my cat is jealous, making sad little mew sounds and heading for the door.

What is it about buying crimbo presents that forces me to spend almost as much money on myself. Selfishness I suppose, but I don't normally go into toy shops, being on the wrong side of twenty. I think he's an investment, although he may end up on the shelf of my bookcase which heaves with various rejected show children from childhood and beyond.

PD James wrote this story about the future (I'll google it so I can put a reference here) where people couldn't have kids anymore and there was a growth market in fake children - Tiny Tears for grown-ups type thing. Hardly any of my friends have kids and those that do, were - how shall I put it - perhaps blessed with a surprise. But here we are heading rapidly towards thirty, and I'm in a toyshop buying myself a toy.

I just don't want to grow up.

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