Sunday, November 21, 2004

hangover sunday

this old familiar pain. maybe i should lay off the booze for awhile. good night last, went for lunch to café metro (one of the best dublin cafés) had three cups of coffee and a great natter with two friends. tried to go for a pint to grogan's which was as usual too full, so headed on to the long hall. the buzz there is great, from the famous mirrored walls behind the bar to the lack of music and the eclectic clientele, very comfortable and easy to relax into. chatted all around the houses, the usual from politics to makeup and religion to fatalism. outside for a ciggie or two, having chats about movies with strangers. later headed out in the rain in search of food, ended up in salamanca on suffolk street for a spot of tapas. lucky they were still serving, it was well after eleven. i had a degustif, amaretto of course.

ollie stayed over, had to drop her home this morning as she was having a bit of trouble with asthma, hope it wasn't arthur the cat's fault. delighted to discover we've been invited to alotron's house for dinner this afternoon, i didn't fancy cooking. just started watching 'revenge of the pink panther' the fourth disc in my pink panther box-set, but didn't want to get too stuck in as we have to go to collect alotron's wee brother from the skate-park out by the airport. decided to write here instead, and maybe browse around the internet for awhile. here's hoping it's roast chicken for dinner!

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