Monday, November 29, 2004

fine food dublin

What a w/end. Spent Saturday running around town buying delish food to scoff - bread in the boulangerie near George's St. Arcade, salami in the sausage shop opposite the entrance to Powerscourt Shopping Centre, cheese in Sheridan's Cheesemongers. MMMM. Imagine if you will, me on Saturday morning, never having tried Tomato and Fennel Bread. The pig ignorance of it, the bloody unneccessary wasted years. Now, having feasted on both the plain old, here I am with a smear of Dairygold, and the toasted with posh cheese and a smidge of oregano and tomato relish, I snear upon Foccaccia from Tesco, with its excuse for rosemary.

Tonight we were discouraged to note that they've stopped selling the Cuisine de France variety of mince pies. Now they put their own ones all dolled up with icing sugar, in the 'Cuisine de France' pop-up bin, in essence passing their pretty average mince pies off as those buttery melt in your mouth moments of heaven. Of course, I had to buy them, and I recommend you don't. That time of year again, when the fake santas beacon from neighbouring roofs, when all you want is the sofa and a nice tipple of sherry or port. So homey and comfy. Last night we went to a kickass amnesty gig - kickass describing Tommy Tiernan's performance, which rocked Vicar Street and left me with lockjaw - and I, ever the nerd, was so glad to be home in my warm little gaf with arthur the cat.

Aw winter, how I love thee sometimes.

Yes - Tesco's own brand mince pies masquerading as C de F... pitiful... I love how the free market so readily creates the very monopolies it puports to loathe! Tesco have more control than bleedin' J. Stalin ever did. I could choose not to go there, but they are relying on my laziness and apathy, so, well, y'know, whatever...

Big up to the Tomato and Fennel bread - but you neglected to mention that said boulangerie peddles mighty cakes also! Mighty, i tell you.
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