Tuesday, November 16, 2004

feed the world

now don't get me wrong, i think liveaid was fantastic in terms of getting all that money and everything, not that i can remember much of it, being seven or so at the time.

still, is it really necessary to destroy that song and ruin all our western christmases with the baleful wailing of busted, who i believe are going to be gushing on the remake? i've joyfully taken the approach of ignoring that tat (you know, all that pop idol/shooting stars/ celestial celebrity search rubbish) and resent being forced to listen to crap out of guilt.

thought it was funny that bono was coerced into singing that line again, 'well tonight thank god it's them, instead of you-hoo'. not that i think it's funny that it's them and not us - although i have to admit i'm glad that i'm sitting here in front of my pc with the central heating blasting, tummy full of ginger cake (mmm, ginger cake). i'm not sure if i thank god particularly, but i suppose that's just me being pedantic, pompous and awkward about my beliefs and so on.

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