Monday, November 22, 2004

elfing great

Just watched Elf - starring the great will ferrell of Zoolander splendour, who can forget Jacobin Mugatu. Elf, not so memorable, but laugh out loud - spagetti and maple syrup, eating cookie dough and snuggles, perfect mood lifter for a dark night in november.

Ireland is so dark at the moment - my friend's kid apparently asked why it is always night time., he'll learn It also started to get cold (read colder) recently which, depending on how you're feeling of a day, means bitter depression or homely comfy fun - or so the marketers would have us believe. Mostly I dwell in the former camp with an occasional flirtation with the latter.

The worst of it is that it rarely snows and that sucks, because we all could do with a good snowball scrap.

Did my pin get in the way of your ass?

The Romans called Ireland 'Hibernia', which i think literally means 'Winterland'. They never bothered coming here because they heard it was always dark and filled with demons.
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