Tuesday, November 23, 2004

cruddy tuesday

Just helped fit out the folks for a seventies party they're going to on Saturday, my father in a purple wig and an afghan, who would have thunk it.

Also watched The Ladykillers, wasn't as funny as I had hoped. Maybe my expectations of the Coen Brothers are a little too high, but I accept no blame for it, they are responsible for raising them in the first place. Blood Simple, Fargo and The Big Labowski being my top three. There were some good moments, I'm not sure if it was just that my relationship with Tom Hanks is a little strained following years of over-exposure, or that the pacing didn't suit the comedic haminess of the caricatures...

Momentous occasion, we booked flights to Capetown today. So much to see, I reckon I'll be googling Table Mountain until we head off. Can't believe how lucky I am (despite the continual griping) to have this opportunity. Four of us are heading off, so it should be interesting to say the least. I'll have to invest in a digital camera (seeing as my original one was stolen - joke is on them, didn't have the CD to install it with it).

Went to the alma mater to do background research into my café idea, but spent an hour reading consumer research journals. What is it that compels me to be attracted to the Machiavellian world of marketing despite my sensibilities?

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