Wednesday, November 17, 2004


I'm just home. Picked alotron up from football at the astropark in tallaght. Driving on the M50 at night can be beautiful - vacant concrete office blocks, shimmering lights, empty smooth road, the joy of overtaking a truck or two. Never thought I would like driving, avoided it until I was 24, when I had to learn to drive for work where I had to visit our offices, or sometimes duties involved ferrying my boss home. I worked so far away from home, and the public transport is so inadequate in Dublin (actually in Ireland generally, even in spite of Iarnr√≥id √Čireann's aspirational slogan 'getting there' - come on folks, lets face it, we're simply not getting anywhere - enough ranting).

There I was, ideologically and financially opposed to driving, not least due to crippling fear, when it was forced upon me. My Driving Instructor, Christy, laughed and said I had 'a dead woman's grip' on the steering wheel. He stopped when I told him I had an urge to turn into oncoming traffic.

Ten lessons on (yes folks, we have a slow learner) I bought my first car, which is my current and only car, a 1997 Ford Fiesta, on occasion referred to as betsy. Forced to drive across the city daily, I soon mastered the skills of road rage, and gained a massive superiority complex regarding my level of skill in comparison with other drivers. Sad really, I've become my worst fear.

Good Evening Missus!

Hope this comment finds you well. I too, as with so many things in life, was ideologically opposed to 'the driving' until i actually mastered the craft myself.

I was, for example, once opposed to the abolition of social safety nets for the less privelidged in society, but as i grew older, nurturing my now vast income and attendant swathes of property, i found my once cherished sense of communal obligation becoming indifference, and ultimately a kind of pathological hostility. If i am not vigilant all that i have worked for will be taken from me by Big Government's Blackboots and redistibuted as a compassion proxy to the filthy and slothful.

I digress.

Good to find you well, and do keep in touch.

Lend us a fiver.
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